The Great American Eclipse; August 21, 2017. 

Goal: Build a drone that could both capture the shadow effects on the ground during totality as well as the eclipse itself.

Requirements: This drone would have to support 2 cameras and associated equipment while being able to hover at a stable altitude for the duration of totality and because of flight during totality would require full anti-collision lighting.

We decided to go with a standard 450mm square frame and modified so that we could move the Gimbal mount to the nose of the frame instead of having it belly mounted.  This changes the center of gravity so we moved the battery back to counter balance it and found we were able to create a very stable platform.  


Aerial footage from our custom built Drone Eclipse One in Cadiz Kentucky.

Nose Mounted 4K Camera - WIFI Transmitter

 Great American Eclipse : Pre-launch / Pre-totality to launch and totality.

 Great American Eclipse Aerial Footage : Mid Totality


Top Mounted 600 TVL Camera - 5.8GHz Transmitter

 (Video still being processed)