Happy New Year 2021!

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or as they are better known, Drones, have become part of the common world in the last couple of years like the Internet did in the 1990's. Technology continues to advance exponentially and the uses for Drones both for personal and business continues to expand both in types of uses as well as just the overall number of Drones in the air.  This growth has caught the FAA by surprise so they have implemented a number of requirements to protect the safety of the commercial airspace, the primary requirement being the testing and licensing of commercial drone pilots starting in August of 2016. This requirement is unique in that it doesn't require the individual flying the Drone for commercial purposes to be licensed it just requires that an individual who is licensed is present during the time the Drone is in the air and that that individual is only over seeing one airborne Drone at a time. 

We are Drone enthusiasts, UAS(Unmanned Aerial Systems) if you want to be technical and we are very good at technical, who build and service all kinds of Drones and their related hardware to software systems.